Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Federal Knowledge Management Initiative Roadmap LIVE here on February 3

On February 3, 2009 Neil Olonoff will present a Webinar summarizing the "Federal Knowledge Management Initiative Roadmap." The initiative, begun several months ago by members of the Federal Knowledge Management Working Group, aims to establish an official center for knowledge management in the Federal Government. With this center of operations as a start, the Federal government can begin to foster knowledge sharing practices and culture, build innovation, and find solutions to the Knowledge Retention Crisis. And there is much more to the plan. Learn how you can become a part of this exciting, ambitious new direction for knowledge management in Government, by attending via phone and computer.

Neil is currently the Chair at Federal Knowledge Management Initiative Committee and the Knowledge Management Lead at US Army, HQDA G-4 / Innolog. Neil has over 25 years of experience focused on federal and private sector consulting services in information management, enterprise content management, knowledge management, strategic planning, marketing, and transition management.

Please fill out this form to attend the scheduled web meeting. After we review your information we will email you a link to the meeting.

This webinar is a past event. Here is the original presentation


  1. I think this is a great approach and very forward thinking. I believe that the UK government should also follow this route.

    I also believe that there should be a requirement for a standard for Knowledge Management, such as the ISO 9001 standard, and that companies be required to have this standard to show that they have practices/culture in place to support Knowledge Retention, thus giving confidence that at least the Knowledge will be available for Project Continuation, if not the staff.

  2. How can one join this webinar? Do you have the details to sign up?

  3. Please fill out this form:

    to attend the scheduled web meeting. After we review your information we will email you a link to the meeting. Thank You

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