Thursday, July 16, 2009

NASA POPS Expert Locator on July 28th at 1pm EST

Clark and Parsia will demonstrate NASA’s POPS Expert Locator software to members of The purpose of POPS is to integrate NASA’s information about its nearly 70,000 combined civil service and contractor workforce in one place, linking the relevant, related information to form a comprehensive data service for staffers, workforce planners, analysts, and related personnel. POPS delivers an easy to use, effective application for expertise location and workforce analysis in a cost-effective manner by reusing existing information sources, and integrating them using RDF and other semantic web technologies. POPS provides access to the resulting information aggregation via jSpace, which is a visual query builder and Linked Data browser for SPARQL and other RDF query languages.

POPS is distributed without charge to government agencies. A service fee maybe required for software customization or integration within the government agency's IT infrastructure.